To the one who went through months of being bedridden before enduring a C-section to bring me (and my younge sister) to this world

To the one who – back when my sister and I were still infants – couldn’t go to the bathroom by herself (because we refused to be held/carried by anyone but her), nor could she carry on an adult conversation except through singing her sentences (because by doing so, we as infants would think that she’s still only paying attention to us and singing us a lullaby)

To the one who endured years of being away from us so she can try and give us a better future

To the one who introduced us to the church where I eventually got to personally know Christ (as well as meet my now-husband)

To the one who would tell me to finish reading books for book reports in advance so that she can read the book herself so that she can really check to see if I’ve written my book report well

To the one who taught me the value of money and being responsible with it

To the one who enjoys line dancing (and karaokeing) so much that she’ll keep doing them even when she’s the only one left on the dance floor


To the one who enjoys watching her teleseryes loudly that the house feels like there are more than two people living in it

To the one who spends her money wisely that she genuinely feels bad whenever she has to pay for something at full price

To the one who doesn’t hesitate to open up her home for whatever meetings, events, gatherings need to happen


To the one who, whenever she’d come and visit our place, would leave it cleaner and more organized

To the one who would always randomly give me and my husband food, groceries, or other things we need even though we didn’t ask for anything

To the one who always nags us to file our taxes early (although we have yet to listen and not file them last-minute =P)

To the one who, after asking what pregnancy cravings I’d have, would cook me trays of whatever food I’d crave at that moment

To the one who, after my labor/delivery, spent the first two weeks at our place so she can help me and my husband take care of our newborn son

To the one who’s known as ‘momsie’ to our son whom she loves dearly



To the one who hems my clothes (and handwashes my son’s clothes whenever she’s at our house)

To the one who’s prayed for and supported me and my husband – whether it be with our multiple apartment moves, with the church launch – in any way she can

To the one with whom I don’t always see eye to eye but whose influence in my life and my love for is unique and unparalleled – she always has my back


To the one who’s stayed strong for me, my sister, and our family in ways that I’ve seen, as well as in ways I may not be aware of even now

To the one who goes above beyond in any way she can

To the one who has made me realize – in a way I hadn’t been able to before until recently becoming a mother myself – how her love as a mother is unrivaled… how much she’s done for me and sacrificed for me, and how she still continues to do so even to this very day…

(Belated)** Happy Mother’s Day

Now that I’m a mom myself, more and more I’m seeing the strength, relentlessness, and love you have for me. I want to be more intentional in showing and expressing my love, respect, and appreciation for you and all that you do because a mom like you should’nt be celebrated and recognized just one day a year.  Thank you and I love you, Mama ❤





**Sorry for the lateness of this post.  As you know, I’ve been having difficulty for the past two weeks getting Joshua (your favorite person in the world right now =P) to nap without being held.  Momsie, you’re the best ❤


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