The day was filled with gloom… sadness… seeming hopelessness.

Jesus already took his last breath after having experienced excruciating pain, abandonment from those whom He loved, and being separated from the Father. Many rejoiced that He was dead while others deeply mourned the loss of their Messiah.  Where is salvation? Where is the victory?

I’m forever grateful the story doesn’t end there. Today we celebrated one of the most glorious events that has paved the way for us to experience eternity with God:

Jesus has overcome
And the grave is overwhelmed;
The victory is won –
He is risen from the dead!

When I was young, I didn’t really understand the significance of Easter. And I didn’t really appreciate the significance of it and how it wholly made a huge difference how I’m able to live my life now AND later.

Because of Christ’s death on the cross – my sins and guilt are washed away since He took my place and paid the payment needed to reconcile me back to God and.  Because of Christ’s resurrection – Jesus fulfilled what He has promised to do; I am free from the powers of sin and death, and I have hope that lasts for eternity (1 Cor. 15:13-17, 55).

Yes, death was necessary but it was not God’s ending to His plan. Jesus’ resurrection allows you and me to have new life – a life abundant and one filled with purpose.

Easter has recently become a loving and beautiful reminder to me that God can make things that are broken, imperfect, dead to be made new — that despite how much of a mess we may have made our lives to be, we can be made new and and have a fresh start with Him!  And as a new mom who feels like she’s daily failing in at least one aspect of her life, this is both humbling and relieving to me!

I still feel like there’s more that God wants to reveal to me about the significance of this day, and so I want to keep on lingering and reflecting more about it even when it won’t technically be ‘Easter time’ anymore.  I also want to encourage you to try doing the same.

Happy Easter ❤

Have you previously thought of the impact of Easter and what Christ’s resurrection means for you?  In what ways do  you need to be renewed by Him? 


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