Our little guy Joshua turned one this past October and my husband Paul & I decided on a music theme since Joshua absolutely enjoys music – there are times he’s stopped playing to watch a furniture commercial on TV, all because there was classical music playing in the background 😜.  He’s so mesmerized every time he hears music, especially when his papa plays the guitar.  So it was completely fitting that we went with the music theme.  Below are some of the details we did on his special day!

First off was the invitation which had music-related wording and whose cover I wanted to look like a record album cover:

We took his picture at one of our church picnics during the summer.  We weren’t really sure what kind of picture we were going to get; fortunately once we showed him his favorite set of drums, he just crawled right up to it and started being giddy and moving around without being told what to do / how to pose ❤

On the day of his birthday party, we used my record player (similar here) as part of the decor and included a picture of Joshua’s ‘album cover’, as well as a guestbook that people can sign.  For the guestbook, we decided to use a notebook whose pages were lined with the music staff:

We had a photobooth set up to look like a recording studio.  We lined the wall with black tablecloths, made our own ‘Recording in Progress’ sign, and had musical instruments at people’s disposal to use as props:

As one of our wall decors, we displayed his monthly photos.  To keep in tune with the music theme, we gave it the title of ‘Time After Time’ and I decided to use a vintage music sheet design for the letter cutouts:


Another wall design we had was a ‘Record of Firsts’ that showed a few of Joshua’s milestones and activities (e.g. first bath, first holidays, first time rolling over, etc.).  To make them look like vinyl records, I used black paper plates and cut out each picture into circles; each picture has a caption of the specific milestone/activity, as well as the date of when it happened:

I must say, I became very emotional while doing this project! It was very nostalgic to remember the different events that have happened with our son!

One of my most favorite music-themed elements from Joshua’s party would have to be the naming of the foods we served that day.  I made tent cards for each food wherein the name is a combination of food and music (e.g. spaghettin’ jiggy wit it, chris brownies, bruno marshmallow bars, etc.).  Not pictured was a roast pig that I named ‘roast piggy azaea’ =D.  It was so fun (and funny!) trying to think of different food/music names to use!

Since we knew we were definitely going to have a handful of children at the party, I wanted to have a special giveaway that the kiddies can take home with them.  So we set up a little station where they can decorate their own maracas to take home; and wrapped around each maraca was a simply DIY thank-you label I made:

As for everyone else, they got to take home a chocolate chip cookie which was wrapped in a cd sleeve with a DIY thank-you label that resembles a cd album with a song track list:


All in all, even with the stress that came from planning for his party, we had so much fun and are so thankful for all the love that we received from family and friends who celebrated Joshua’s first birthday with us.  Below are some of our family pictures ❤

jammin-with-joshua-family-picture-with-barongThe birthday boy wearing his barong tagalog (a national dress of the Philippines) during his child dedication for the first part of his birthday party.

jammin-with-joshua-notorious-boy The birthday boy wearing his musically themed ‘Notorious B.O.Y.’ shirt from GirlCrushClothingCo.

 It’s his party.  He can cry if he wants to!  (But seriously, he really did have fun at his party.  These were taken when his party was already over =P )

Was there any detail in particular that you liked the most from this post? Please share if you end up incorporating any of the ideas at one of your events/projects!


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