From here on out, I want to dedicate the last day of every month for what I want to call ‘FOUR|EIGHT MONTHLY’** where I will give a list of four things and a list of eight things – but both will relate to each other somehow. First one up is below!

Motherhood has definitely been an adventurous ride for me so far, especially since becoming a stay-at-home mom. (Last night was pretty rough – Joshua apparently wanted more cuddle time which meant he fortunately still got to have lots of rest while I did not. lol).  And for the past five months I’ve definitely accumulated a lot of memories with our son already – here are four of my faves:


  1. Bedtime prep. For the past few weeks, bedtime has become such a special time for me, my husband Paul, and our son Joshua to the point that even when Joshua isn’t showing very clear signs of sleepiness yet, we’ll take him to our bedroom so we can have a longer time of playing with him. And even when he does show signs of sleepiness, Joshua instantly perks up once he’s in our bedroom, as if he knows the fun that’s about to happen! Joshua and Paul have even come to develop a laugh-fest ritual, which I record and send online to our families. We ‘talk’ to him and ask him how his day went and we remark to each other how blessed we feel to have him in our lives – all the while, Joshua is giggling and babbling away! We have so much fun that I have to always try to make sure that we’re not making Joshua stay up past to when he’s already cranky and way too overtired. Sometimes I wish he can stay up longer so we can continue to make him laugh (but at the same time, I can’t wait till he’s in bed so I can spend 1:1 time with my husband – go figure!) – Regardless, prepping for bedtime is something Paul and I definitely look forward to every single day!
  2. The times he sighs peacefully while resting his head on my shoulders and finally falls asleep. I think every parent can empathize with the joy they feel on this one – not just because their baby is finally (!) asleep but because that sigh seems to communicate with you that your baby is most at home when enveloped with you! Every time this happens with Joshua, my heart literally (well, maybe not literally =P) melts – noises and other disruptions can happen around us and he doesn’t flinch because he’s right where he wants to be ❤ (NOTE: Future post to come about this because it really does mean that much to me!)
  3. When he giggles so happily when my husband/I get him from his bassinet.  For the most part, no matter how long or short his nap times are, Joshua wakes up in a good mood.  And even if he does wake up crying, he instantly becomes his bubbly self once he sees us / once we pick him up – he giddily wiggles around in our arms and makes happy yelping/shrieking noises!  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy hearing a baby’s giggle/laughter?! =)
  4. The way he watches my husband’s every move.  I can’t be fully certain on this but maybe Joshua gets tired of seeing just me alll dayyy, every dayyy (lol); but whenever my husband is home with us, Joshua literally gazes his eyes on wherever Paul goes / whatever Paul’s doing (he does the same thing during our bedtime prep!).  It starts once he hears our front door/open close, as if he knows that it means his Papa is home (can babies at this age already know those signs? I don’t know lol).  Once he sees his Papa, he watches his every move – he especially likes being on Paul’s lap while Paul does work.  Even while I breastfeed him, he’ll stop and look occasionally over to where Paul is!  It makes me smile whenever this happens because their bond with each other just seems to be growing as each day goes by, and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll be doing with each other as Joshua gets older!  So so glad to have these two guys in my life ❤



**I’d like to give a huge shout-out to my husband Paul who helped me come up with this monthly feature idea for my blog ❤

What do you think of the FOUR|EIGHT MONTHLY concept?  Any topics you want me to cover for future posts?  Please feel free to comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


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